Pinot Noir Marinated Portobellos - 2016 SLH Pinot Noir

This is a riff on a sandwich I did for a restaurant many years ago. The mushroom flavor goes well with the savory notes of this Pinot Noir. Originally, the mushrooms were served on a brioche bun with a little homemade mayonnaise, a couple slices of ripe late season tomato, and some butter leaf lettuce.

Blueberry Sauced Duck Breast - 2013 Graciano

The first time I tasted Graciano my mind went to oil cured olives, herbs, good farm soil, and blueberries. This recipe resulted from that combination. INGREDIENTS Neutral flavored oil as needed 1-3 tablespoons butter as needed 1½ cups blueberries, fresh or frozen 1 heaping tablespoon fresh ginger, peeled and cut into fine dice 3 tablespoons […]

Fennel Lavender Pork Tenderloin - 2015 Mélange Rouge

The rub on this dish talks with the flavors in the wine, and brings out the nuances the blend has. This would be a good rub on duck breast and chicken as well. Be sure to use culinary lavender (un-sprayed and NOT English lavender), and go easy with it as too much and the wine will taste acrid and bitter.

Grilled Scallion and Baby Leek Red Wine Sauce

This recipe was originally made with ramps, which is a wild onion which does not grow here in California, and is really delicious and has a season about a month and a half long it seems. This is an approximation of that sauce made with items readily available here-baby leeks and scallions.

Port Wine Salad Dressing

Use port you are drinking, or buy a mid-range port if you wish. Don’t buy a great vintage just for this dressing, but don’t buy something really cheap, and NEVER buy “cooking” port or wine.

Red Wine Butter Broccoli

Shamelessly stolen from Ashley Christensen’s Poole’s Cookbook. This is a really good way to eat broccoli, especially if you have become tired, as I have, of the vegetable.

Roasted Saffron Cauliflower - 2016 Grenache

Initially I was going to write up the recipe for the lamb skewers that were the protein of the dinner that went with the ’16 Grenache, but for me it was the vegetables, particularly this one, that really pleased me.